Sheri Marlin, LCSW

My calling in life is to empower people to become the person they want to be.  I love to see how lives can be changed, when decisions are made to seek solutions and take action.  I believe in the power of  talking through  problems and working together as a team. I do not judge or criticize; rather I offer support and guidance to discover core strengths and values, and apply those to create change.

I have a BA in Psychology and a Master in Social Work. I have been a clinical therapist for the last five years. I often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Problem Solving Therapy.   I have worked for over 35 years with children, adults, and families which has given me an abundance of various experiences increasing my understanding of mental health and mental illness.   

I am faith based which means I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. I am able to offer Biblical counsel and prayer, alongside traditional counseling, with people seeking this type of counseling. 

I also able to offer counsel to people who prefer to seek help without this same faith base. I do not push my belief system because I respect the right of each person to choose.

 Presently I have a private practice based in Galveston, Texas. At my private practice I also use horses to aide in the therapy sessions.  I specialize in using Accelerated Resolution Therapy, an eye movement therapy to reduce the effects of traumatic experiences. 

License Number: Texas 58563

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