The BeatBullying Confidentiality Statement

Private conversations with mentors are strictly confidential, which means they will not discuss what you tell them with anybody else. However, if they are worried about your, or someone else’s safety, they may need to tell a trusted adult about it. If they need to do that, they will always try and let you know beforehand.

What this means

Online, the trusted adult will be a BeatBullying counsellor and offline (if you are being mentored in your school) the adult might be a teacher in your school or perhaps a teacher working in Pastoral Care in your school.

All mentors are trained to tell a trusted adult if they are worried about you because they think you are at real risk, are being severely bullied, abused or not being looked after properly. This is because BeatBullying believes that your safety both offline and online is extremely important, so by telling an adult, they are protecting you and trying to get you the help you need. This is why mentors will always remind you that you have agreed to the confidentiality statement if they are worried while they are mentoring you. BeatBullying trains the mentors very carefully to understand what they can and can’t keep to themselves.

If you do not agree to the Confidentiality Statement, then you must not proceed with being mentored online by a mentor and will not be able to register on the site.

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