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Teenager Getting Counseling Online

Teenagers today are under more pressure and stress than ever before. This can result in a variety of behaviors and symptoms. Without treatment, these issues can make the process of transition to adulthood more difficult and they could even develop into mental illnesses. Depression and anxiety commonly begin to manifest themselves in the teenage years. […]

What is Family Counseling?

In essence, a family provides a warm and nurturing context in which individuals can grow and evolve. Each member contributes actively to the well-being of the family and receives unconditional support when he/she goes through a difficult period. Although the family is seen as an inexhaustible source of joy and fulfillment, there are times when […]

Looking to Become a Family Therapist? Here’s What You Need to Know

When Psychology was still a young science, most experts used to think that individuals are solely responsible for their mental or emotional issues. As a result, many psychologists focused exclusively on treating a specific problem without paying too much attention to the family context in which individuals usually function. Nowadays, mental health experts have a […]

What Are the Three R’s of Reality Therapy?

Founded by American psychiatrist William Glasser, reality therapy is a nondirective solution-focused approach to mental health and well-being Instead of dwelling on the past and complaining about what might or might not happen, clients are encouraged to focus on the ‘here and now’. Derived from Choice Theory and built around three fundamental principles called ‘the […]

Bowen Family Systems theory

Bowen Family Systems theory Dr. Murray Bowen developed his family systems theory to better understand how families function. A central element of the theory is that human relationships are governed by an emotional system that has developed and evolved over a long period of time. Families who are respectful and supportive of all the members […]

We can no longer ignore the mental health of our military spouses


We can no longer ignore the mental health of our military spouses Military spouses feel increasingly ignored and forgotten as the pandemic forces them to spend more time away from their partners without adequate support.  Military families and couples have always been accustomed to the strains of living away from each other, but could always […]

CBT Anger Management Techniques and Strategies

From a purely intellectual perspective, anger is a primal emotion that has played a vital role in our survival. Even today, there are instances when anger can be a relatively functional response. For instance, this emotion drives us to take a stand against injustice or set clear personal boundaries when others try to impose their […]

Family Origin Therapy

Couple getting counseling together seeing therapist

Family of origin therapy is a kind of psychotherapy. It was originally developed by the psychiatrist Murray Bowen in the 1950s and 60s. He revolutionized how we look at human behavior with his Family Systems Theory. This theory applies not only to families but can be extended to better understand the working of organizations or […]

Intergenerational Family Therapy

Therapist who specializes in Systems Theory

Family therapy is a kind of psychotherapy or psychological counseling. It is performed by a psychologist, a licensed therapist, or a clinical social worker. We define family therapy as a form of counseling that helps family members to improve communication between them. This will help them to resolve problems and conflicts that affect the healthy […]

The CBT Thought Record

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Over the last decades, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has rapidly grown in popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after therapeutic approaches. A growing body of scientific literature indicates that CBT is an effective intervention for numerous emotional problems like depression, anxiety, and stress. But its most significant contribution to counseling and psychotherapy is the thought record. […]

Paraphrasing in Counselling

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In essence, paraphrasing is a micro skill that allows counselors to create an authentic bond with their clients  Together with encouraging and summarizing, paraphrasing plays a crucial role in therapeutic communication, making the client feel understood and listened to.  In other words, paraphrasing in counseling is what makes the client say, “Finally, someone who understands […]