Violet Rudd, LAMFT

Welcome. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, a recent break-up, or coping with grief and loss, I am here to walk with you through it.  Through therapy, I can work with you to build coping skills, practice mindfulness techniques, or discuss helpful relationship skills to better your life circumstances.

My approach to helping my clients includes providing individually based treatment plans unique to each client I work with.  If you’ll allow it, I can help you work through any life challenge you face from the comfort of your own home.  As a tele-mental health provider, we can find a mutual time to talk about what matters most without worrying about getting to an appointment on time or being stuck in traffic. 

Finding someone to listen without interruption can be difficult in our fast-paced technology era. As your therapist, I can ensure you will find a safe place to share your doubts and fears without feeling judged or criticized.  I will be your greatest encourager.  As a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist I am well trained in a wide spectrum of relationship and family challenges as well as mood disorders relating to anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  If you would like to learn more about therapy and how counseling process works, please reach out. I am ready to meet you

Violet Rudd, M.A., QP., LAMFT

License Number: Idaho, 6109