Jennifer Reynolds, LPC

Life can be hard.  Many times it is easier to make negative choices and result in negative thinking because this is something that is so common to many.  If this is something you find yourself doing and continuing to struggle with, let’s work on overcoming this and getting you to a better point.  If you are struggling with other issues and need someone to talk to, lets set up a time that we can assist you in the hurdles you are facing.  I know that the hardest step is reaching out and asking for help.  Congratulations on taking this first and sometimes most difficult step.

I have over ten years experience working with clients ranging from childhood (5-7) to adulthood.  I have experience working with anxiety, depression, addiction issues, mood disorders, healthy lifestyle changes, LGBTIQ clients, grief and loss, low self-esteem, negative thinking, disordered eating patterns, relationship issues, trauma issues, and many other mental health issues.  I utilize many different approaches ranging from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, trauma-informed care, choice therapy, psychoanalytic techniques, and existential based practices.  I treat the client as a person and we will work together to develop a plan to assist you in overcoming the hurdles present to get you back to feeling better.

Everyone goes through something and we can work together to get you through your something.

License Number: Alabama, 2753

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