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Personality Tests

What Are Personality Tests? As mentioned before, personality tests are designed to help understand a human’s personality and to measure their individual characteristics and behavioral traits. There are two different types of personality tests: Self-reporting inventories. This test will require the test taker to read the questions and rate how much the question or statement …

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METHAQUALONE common names: French Quaalude, furies, mandrakes, quas, quacks, quads, 714s, soaps, soapers, sopes, super Quaaludes, super soper Pop a lude and you’re off on a boozeless drunk, flying high with the Quaalude Culture of the seventies. ‘Safe and nonaddictive” proclaimed the manufacturers of the magic little tablets. “Let’s have a party!” cheered fun-seekers everywhere. …

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Best CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies are getting deserved detention in the CBD market for their easy dosing, discreet administration, and fun flavor options. As of 2019, there are many CBD Gummy manufacturers to choose from but the consumer should become familiar with the best quality options available. Best CBD Gummies: The Highlights The CBD market is growing rapidly …

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Teen Depression

Over the last decades, teen depression has become a hot topic for many researchers and healthcare professionals. More than 322 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Some experts believe that early intervention strategies can prevent this problem from causing more suffering than it already does. But tackling teen depression can be a bit tricky, considering …

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LGBT Depression

Over the last decade, the LGBT community has continuously challenged the status quo, demanding equal rights. Drawing attention to some of the problems that LGBT people are currently dealing with. From stigma and bullying to prejudice and discrimination, members of the LGBT community are at risk of developing all sorts of emotional and behavioral problems. …

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