It’s time we spoke candidly about mental health. Why? Well, for starters, over 40 million Americans are suffering from a mental illness. That’s one in five. If you are to factor in those who don’t know that their symptoms constitute an illness, that number goes up drastically.

The United States has been home to some of the biggest developments in the treatment of mental illness. However, over half of the 40 million adults suffering are not receiving treatment of any kind.

There are many reasons for this. For one, public health initiatives are always seen with suspicion by some Americans. But no matter what your opinion on government-funded healthcare, it is clear that we haven’t found a balance between welfare and neglect.

In addition, mental health treatment is expensive and labor-intensive. There is also a massive stigma surrounding it. Many people don’t seek treatment simply because they’re ashamed to admit they have a problem.

If you’re looking for counseling in Portland Oregon, or counseling in Vancouver WA, you will come up against some obstacles. As is the case throughout America, people in Oregon and Washington have limited access to mental healthcare. Oregon does have higher levels of access, but at the same time has a higher number of locals suffering from mental illness.

Something needs to change. This is where ThriveTalk comes in. ThriveTalk makes it easy to find a therapist in Portland, Vancouver, and everywhere else in America.

ThriveTalk is online therapy – the future of mental health treatment. Here’s how it works.

Is Online Therapy an Effective Way To Get Help?

People are always skeptical of new mental health treatments, but the field has evolved through major change throughout the past century. Online therapy is no different. Those looking for counseling in Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA can rest assured that online therapy will help.

Studies show that online therapy is as effective as (or more than) traditional therapy. Once you understand a bit more about online therapy, this will actually be a very intuitive conclusion.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is simply a new way of receiving therapy. It refers to therapy that takes place remotely, via voice or video calling. You can chat “face-to-face” with your therapist from the comfort of your own home.

In other words, online therapy is exactly the same as traditional therapy, except that it takes place through online means. Therapists use the same approaches they would if you were in their offices. They have the highest qualifications and are experts in their fields.

However, it is more convenient, cheaper, and protects you from the stigma. ThriveTalk is bringing counseling to Oregon and Washington, along with the rest of the country.

You Deserve To Get The Help You Need With ThriveTalk

Finding counseling in Portland Oregon and Vancouver WA has never been easier. ThriveTalk brings you expert therapists who are fully-qualified. You can choose from specialists in every type of therapy, whether you are looking for individual or family counseling, treatment for a mental illness or existential questions, or anything else.

It’s easy to access and affordable, and available wherever you are. You deserve help with carrying your burdens.

Therapy Is For Everyone

You might be wondering if therapy is for you. It’s common for people to believe that their problems aren’t big enough for therapy, or that they won’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Everyone can benefit from therapy. We don’t come into the world with a guide book of how to make the most of our lives. Without help, we end up fumbling for solutions to problems no one is equipped to deal with alone. Sometimes we stumble across answers and sometimes we don’t. With therapy, you give yourself a huge advantage.

Furthermore, therapy is designed to help you feel comfortable talking to a therapist. They do what it takes to form a rapport with you, so you are certainly not talking to a stranger. They also adapt according to the person, because they know that what works for one person won’t work for another.

Because they are legally bound by confidentiality, you don’t have to worry about your secrets being spilled. You can feel more secure speaking to a therapist than to anyone else. Whether that counselor is in Portland Oregon, Vancouver, or anywhere else is no longer a determining factor, either.

Finding The Right Therapist For You

One of the most important aspects of therapy is that you find the right person for you. In the past, finding the right therapist wasn’t all that easy. You had to see someone in close proximity who had time when you were free. You were constrained by practical factors.

Online therapy with ThriveTalk gives you the chance to find the right person without worrying about convenience. If you’re having a hard time finding the best counseling in Portland Oregon or Vancouver WA, you no longer have to even look in-state. Your perfect psychologist can be found at the other end of a convenient video call.

ThriveTalk has information about all our therapists so that you can decide whose approach fits you. You also get to consult them first, to get an idea of whether you think you can click with them.

You no longer have to fear regret of choosing the wrong person. You’ll make a good choice from the start, and even if you decide they’re no longer the right person for you, it will be easy to find someone who better suits your needs.

Can Online Therapy Be More Effective Than Traditional Therapy?

As mentioned before, online therapy may be even more effective than going to the therapist’s office. There are a few reasons for this.

Since you’re not rushing to get to your appointment on time, you can go into your session without your mind being occupied by the stress of time constraints. Furthermore, you can set up sessions more often or when you need them most, rather than relying on when you can make it to their office.

Some therapists rely on you doing work outside of your appointment. These therapists can easily send you resources and receive and assess your “homework” before your next session.

They can also help you try certain practices. For example, a therapist who uses mindfulness techniques can talk you through a mindful walk or a mindful meal. You can get their help in seeing the beauty in the Columbia River or other landmarks you pass absently by every single day.

A therapist who specializes in CBT can give you skills in the very environment in which you will use them.


Don’t underestimate the importance of convenience. Many people who have benefited from therapy have nonetheless given it up because of practical constraints. When you’re working a 9-to-5, there’s very little time in your day to get to a therapist’s office. If they accept appointments after work hours, you might be reluctant to miss out on relaxation time with your family.

Traffic is also a big factor. We all know how many hours we waste in traffic each week. Traffic in Portland can get very slow. Unfortunately, our highway system is lacking, to say the least. Getting to a therapist’s office adds to those hours, and chances are you just don’t have that extra time.

With ThriveTalk, all you have to do is be online at the right time. A 50 minute session takes 50 minutes and no more.

No One Has To Know You’re In Therapy

Something that prevents a lot of people from seeking counseling in Portland Oregon, as with the rest of the US, is the stigma still prevalent regarding mental health. Mental illness is viewed by some with suspicion, or considered a weakness.

If you’re not suffering from a mental illness, people may wonder why you’re going to therapy at all. Unfortunately, getting help is something our society tends to look down on. Everyone wants to be “self-made,” even if that achievement doesn’t make them any happier.

Telling you not to worry what other people think is foolish advice. We can’t help but worry about others’ perceptions of us. So while there are those who aren’t bothered by the stigma, many of us are wary of it.

With online therapy, you don’t have to go missing from work for an hour or so, or risk being seen walking into a therapist’s office. No one has to know you’re in therapy. The comfort of confidentiality is a very important aspect of therapy and now nothing has to compromise that.

Get Started Today

Set up your first appointment on ThriveTalk today. You’ll be speaking to the ideal therapist in no time. Finding counseling in Portland Oregon has never been easier.

Forget about traffic and waiting rooms. Online therapy is the perfect way to find help and improve your life.

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