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Will ThriveTalk work for me?

When you have personal struggles you’re finding it difficult to deal with, talk therapy is a clinically proven way of feeling better. Yet, Thrivetalk’s therapists aren’t just here to listen. They will provide you with a proactive, goal driven strategy for overcoming any barriers in your way. Whether it’s dealing with a breakup, negative ways of thinking, crippling anxiety or just trouble sleeping, we have therapists with expert knowledge ready to help you through it.

How many sessions will I need?

ThriveTalk is a fully tailored therapy service. There’s no set number of sessions you’ll need. It’s completely up to you how many times you want to speak to your therapist. If you want to take a break between sessions that’s up to you too. All that matters is that you know what steps you need to take to overcome your personal hurdles, while gaining the reassurance knowing your therapist is there when you need them.

Are ThriveTalk’s therapists qualified?

ThriveTalk’s team of therapists are fully licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD). They have either a Masters Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their specialty and are certified by their state’s professional board. When you speak to our therapists you can be assured their advice is based on clinically proven best practices and the latest methodologies in human psychology.

What if it doesn’t work?

Our therapists are experts at what they do. The advice they offer isn’t wishy-washy tips taken from a magazine column or their own life experiences. It’s drawn from carefully studied and documented psychological techniques for improving how the mind works, how we behave as humans, and how we can improve our thought processes to achieve greater personal success. The proactive advice they give you can make a huge difference when implemented. However, if you feel you’re not making progress, you can try switching to another therapist or try another service. All that matters is that you gain the help you need to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way.c

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