Seattle Charities and Nonprofits

Everybody can agree that Seattle charities and nonprofits play a crucial role for the citizens of Washington. For starters, these organizations fill the gap between the increasing demand for mental health services and the relatively limited resources provided by for-profit organizations and state-owned clinics.

Seattle Charities and Nonprofits

For a city with nearly 4 million residents, the services that Seattle charities and nonprofits provide can make a huge difference.

Since not all citizens can afford quality healthcare services, these organizations are a “breath of fresh air” for the less fortunate members of the city (and state).

Non-Profit Organizations in Seattle

From community partnerships to donation campaigns, Seattle charities and nonprofits help people fight mental illness and other difficulties they might be facing.

In fact, there are nearly 500 nonprofit and charity groups in Seattle. And the best part is that most of them focus on improving citizens’ well-being.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are a top priority for many Seattle charities and nonprofits.

And the best way to raise money for mental health is through donations and fundraising events. Believe it or not, even small contributions can make a huge difference if enough people choose to contribute.

Volunteer Opportunities

Although donations keep many Seattle charities and nonprofits alive, there are other ways in which you can contribute. For example, you can spend a couple of hours on volunteer work.   

Sometimes, it doesn’t take millions of dollars and teams of experts to change someone’s life; just the will and effort of people like you and me. 

NAMI Seattle

NAMI, short for National Alliance on Mental Illness, is among the top Seattle charities and nonprofits. Their mission is to provide affordable mental health services through peer-led education, referrals, and support.


Being one of the largest mental health nonprofits, NAMI is involved in numerous educational programs for people of all ages.

For example, Ending the Silence (ETS) is a prevention-based program that helps teachers and caregivers identify the early signs of mental illness in children and teens.

Upcoming Events

If you’re looking to do something fun and constructive this weekend, why not attend the NAMI Walks? This fundraiser will take place in 85 locations across the country, including Marina Park, Kirkland.

Getting Involved

If you’re looking to get involved, there’s a Meet & Greet event every 2nd Tuesday where you can find out more about their vision and programs.

Kaiser Permanente

Founded by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, this consortium of medical centers and facilities is one of the largest not-for-profit organizations in the country.

Kaiser Permanente aims to provide quality mental health services through coordinated care teams made up of doctors and other specialists.

Last month, they gave 20 million dollars to nonprofits that help young people from low-income communities.

Connect to Care

What sets Kaiser Permanente apart from other Seattle charities and nonprofits is their vast network of clinics and hospitals where people of all income levels can receive high-quality, affordable health services

Events in Seattle

If you want to find out more about their vision and community programs, the Kaiser Permanente Seattle to Portland Bike Ride (July 13) is the perfect opportunity.  

Volunteer Services

For those of you who want to lend a helping hand, the volunteer program offers plenty of opportunities for you to make a difference in someone’s life.


One of the largest nonprofits dedicated to youth mental health is AIM. Their vision is to eliminate mental health disorders in youth by investing in research and awareness programs.

The organization is currently looking to expand to Seattle and Dallas.

“Our Purpose Touches Lives”

Unlike other health care nonprofits, AIM doesn’t focus on a specific problem or disorder. In other words, they support any promising scientific endeavor to cure a disease or solve a problem that affects the young generation.

Events 2019

Among their “hottest” upcoming events is the annual AIM Youth Mental Health Gala (August 15) which takes place at the heart of the Concours d’Elegance. With more than 200 prize collector cars, this event is guaranteed to draw international attention.

You Can Volunteer

You can join the youth mental health movement by volunteering in one of their community service projects or awareness campaigns.


Navos offers a healing home for people who have nowhere else to go. Thanks to a diehard commitment to quality health care services, this organization has received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission for Hospital and Behavioral Health Care Accreditation. 

Lives Reclaimed: Hope Restored

Using a patient-centered approach, Navos focuses heavily on recovery, cultivating hope, and stability for the less fortunate members of society. In a way, it’s more than just a health care nonprofit; it’s a health care home.

Make a Gift to Navos

By donating to Navos, you can help the vulnerable members of your community gain access to vital mental health services.

American Red Cross

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the American Red Cross. This nonprofit unites people from all over the country under one common goal – provide aid to victims of disasters.

In 2018, when fires devastated a good portion of California, this organization brought relief and comfort to thousands of victims.

Disaster Mental Health

Since most of their work focuses on victims of disaster, part of their mission is teaching people how to prepare for such events.

Events 2019

This week is the National CPR and AED Awareness Week and the American Red Cross marks the event with a massive online awareness campaign.

How You Can Help

You can help by joining their CPR and AED training program or maybe volunteering for blood drives.  

Resources for Addressing Mental Illness

Without the support of Seattle charities and nonprofits, many low- and medium-income families wouldn’t have access to quality health care services. Through donations and volunteer work, we can help these organizations continue their mission.

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