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Ever since ketamine nasal spray has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), clinics around the country have begun using this substance for treatment-resistant depression.

Although some experts are somewhat skeptical about the therapeutic effects of ketamine, there are plenty of clinics in Miami and other cities across Florida where you can receive ketamine treatment.   

But don’t google ‘ketamine clinic Miami’ just yet? First, let’s start by understanding how this substance works and why experts consider it a viable option for chronic mental health conditions.

Ketamine Clinic Miami: Highlights

  • Ketamine is a sedative that impacts the central nervous system, generating pain relief and a trance-like state. Doctors and vets often use this substance as an anesthetic.
  • After numerous scientific studies highlighted the therapeutic effects of this substance, FDA approved ketamine nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression.
  • Clinics that offer ketamine treatment use the substance as part of a broader approach that involves antidepressants and psychotherapy as well.
  • Under no circumstances should ketamine be used outside clinical settings. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a powerful sedative with potentially harmful effects.

Where Can I Find a Ketamine Clinic in Miami?

As you can probably imagine, the easiest way to find a ketamine clinic in Miami or any other city across the country is by going online. Since this treatment is relatively new, most clinics tend to advertise it heavily.

But aside from googling ‘ketamine clinic Miami’ you can also ask your physician for a referral or maybe talk to someone who’s already followed this treatment approach.

Why Use a Ketamine Clinic in Miami?

In most cases, mental health professionals use ketamine when all other approaches fail. That’s why experts recommend it for treatment-resistant depression.

Treatment-Resistant Depression

As the name suggests, treatment-resistant depression is a form of depressive disorder that doesn’t respond well to ‘traditional’ treatments like psychotherapy or medication.

Unfortunately, experts don’t have a precise estimate of the number of people who suffer from treatment-resistant depression. However, we could gain some insights by looking at the current scientific evidence.

For example, some experts reported a 22% remission rate after six months of treatment, while others reported 50% remission rates for outpatient treatment. But despite this worrying lack of congruency, it’s comforting to know that healthcare professionals have found a viable option for treatment-resistant depression.   

What Makes Ketamine Different?

Although most experts agree that standard treatments like therapy and medication are valid, there are cases when they simply don’t act fast enough. As a result, patients ‘drop out’ of treatment. On top of that comes the disappointment of not being able to find a solution that would end their suffering. 

Thanks to its sedative effects, ketamine gives health care professionals a window of opportunity to try other approaches.  

How Effective is Ketamine?

According to a 2016 study, intravenous ketamine can lead to a rapid onset of robust antidepressant effects. It seems that, under strict medical supervision, ketamine can drastically reduce the symptoms of depression.

Furthermore, a study published in Biological Psychiatry revealed that ketamine produces mild side effects, making it a safe and efficient option for treatment-resistant depression.

What Does a Ketamine Clinic Do?

In broad lines, ketamine clinics offer treatment for a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Many experts believe that ketamine infusion therapy is the future of depression treatment. In essence, this approach involves receiving a ketamine IV under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Patients who opt for this treatment have to go through a rigorous consultation process to determine if ketamine is, in fact, the best option.

Ketamine Nasal Spray (Esketamine)

Aside from intravenous ketamine, healthcare professionals can now prescribe ketamine nasal spray. Having the same fast-acting effects as intravenous ketamine, intranasal ketamine can be an excellent alternative to IV drips.

Medical Monitoring

To administer this substance as safely and harmlessly as possible, ketamine clinics rely on strict medical monitoring. In other words, you can’t just walk into a clinic and ask for ketamine.

First, you must go through a thorough medical exam to determine if you are an eligible candidate for this treatment. After that, a medical professional will administer a strict dose of intravenous or intranasal ketamine.

What does Ketamine Therapy Feel Like?

In a way, ketamine therapy is like going to the dentist. After getting comfortable on a reclining chair, a nurse or psychiatrist will administer the IV. If you need to go to the bathroom or have a glass of water, there’s always someone there to assist you.

Some patients prefer to listen to calming music, while others bring a friend or family member to help them feel more comfortable.

What Else Can Ketamine Help With?

Although experts generally use ketamine to treat chronic forms of depression, current research suggests this substance can be effective for other conditions as well.

Ketamine and Anxiety

Suicidal ideation is one of the biggest concerns for people with severe forms of anxiety and depression. And since people who contemplate suicide need immediate support, ketamine can be the perfect treatment option.

One study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research discovered that ketamine infusion leads to improvements in suicidal ideation.

Ketamine and PTSD

Depression is rarely a ‘stand-alone’ condition. Most people who experience depressive symptoms struggle with other problems (anxiety, PTSD) as well.

According to a 2014 study published in JAMA, ketamine infusion proves to be a viable treatment option for people with chronic PTSD who often experience depressive symptoms.

Why Are Ketamine Clinics Growing in Popularity?

Overall, ketamine is a viable, FDA-approved option for people who struggle with chronic mental health conditions like treatment-resistant depression or PTSD. That’s why mental health clinics are beginning to adopt this treatment option, in hopes of providing the best possible care for their patients

For those of you living in Florida, a quick google search for ‘ketamine clinic Miami’ will help you get in touch with professionals who can assist you in overcoming your emotional struggles.

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