How To Find A Ketamine Clinic In Beverly Hills

For decades, the treatment of depression with medication has relied on a limited range of antidepressants. Drugs that increase levels of serotonin and dopamine have been the most popular and have proven relatively effective. However, they do not work for everyone and certainly have their drawbacks. In 2019, the FDA approved a ketamine nasal spray, which works with entirely different mechanisms to treat severe, resistant depression. Ketamine clinics in Beverly Hills are already treating patients with a high level of success.

Ketamine Clinic Beverly Hills: Highlights

  • The chemical causes of depression are well-documented, and chemical treatment has long been available in the form of antidepressants
  • Antidepressants are highly effective, but do not work for everyone
  • Most antidepressants take a couple of weeks to kick in, which is particularly distressing for those who need to try a range of options before finding the right one
  • Recent research has indicated that well-known anaesthetic ketamine is effective at reducing the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression almost immediately
  • Ketamine clinics in Beverly Hills have existed for years without official approval, but are now becoming increasingly popular since the FDA sanctioned a ketamine nasal spray early this year

Where Can I Find a Ketamine Clinic in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is a particularly health-forward city, as is evident from the recent crackdown on tobacco. Residents of Beverly Hills are always eager to try healthier, more effective healthcare alternatives.

Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles has been providing ketamine-infusion treatments since 2014 in the form of IV drips, helping many people suffering from treatment-resistant depression. Now, with regulatory approval, they are able to reach more people around LA and Beverly Hills.

More recently, Pacific Ketamine Institute opened in Beverly Hills, with approval to offer both IV treatments and treatment via nasal spray.

Why Use a Ketamine Clinic in Beverly Hills?

You may be wondering why you should use a ketamine clinic in Beverly Hills rather than sticking to traditional antidepressants. Ketamine offers unique benefits that differentiate it from decades-old treatments.

    Treatment-Resistant Depression

Not everyone responds to antidepressant treatment. In fact, as many as one-third of sufferers of major depression may be treatment-resistant. Their symptoms aren’t reduced significantly by antidepressants, and therapeutic solutions are not sufficiently effective for them either. This is an incredibly distressing reality for many, and alternatives have long been sorely needed.

    What Makes Ketamine Different?

Ketamine is different for a number of reasons. For one, even those suffering from treatment-resistant depression may respond to ketamine treatment. For another, when ketamine treatment works, it is effective almost immediately. Rather than having to wait weeks to assess if the treatment has worked, results are noticed within hours or days of the first ketamine infusion session at a ketamine clinic.

Furthermore, it does not have to be administered on a daily basis in the way traditional antidepressants have. Treatment lasts for a set amount of time and is not chronic.

    How Effective is Ketamine?

Research indicates that ketamine treatment is highly effective for individuals suffering from treatment-resistant depression. These individuals may have tried two or more antidepressants in the past without significant reduction of symptoms. In 2019, the FDA ruled evidence of the effectiveness of ketamine convincing enough to be approved as a regulated treatment.

What Does a Ketamine Clinic Do?

When you visit a ketamine clinic in Beverly Hills, you will have a very particular experience. All ketamine clinics follow similar processes, designed to make you comfortable and give you the best chance of recovery.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy refers to ketamine administered via IV drip. Patients are connected to the intravenous drip for approximately 45 minutes each session. Sessions occur once a week or once every two weeks. Results are experienced almost immediately, and therapy continues for around six weeks.

Ketamine Nasal Spray (Esketamine)

Since ketamine has long been used as an anaesthetic, pharmaceutical companies are unable to patent it. There has therefore been little motivation for them to market ketamine. However, they have found a way to use a related compound called esketamine in the same way. It is available as a nasal spray, traded under the name Spravato, and is administered by clinics on a schedule similar to that of IV infusions.

Medical Monitoring

Treatment can only be received in ketamine clinics in Beverly Hills and not by the individuals themselves. Doctors at ketamine clinics monitor the patient for any adverse reactions, and determine whether the treatment is effective or needs to be discontinued. As with traditional antidepressants, medical monitoring is essential to ensure safety and efficacy.

What does Ketamine Therapy Feel Like?

Ketamine is a mild anaesthetic, and therefore has a dissociative effect which lasts through the session. Patients feel drowsy and relaxed, and are monitored for at least fifteen minutes following the session to ensure they are feeling grounded again by the time they leave.

What Else Can Ketamine Help With?

Ketamine is particularly exciting for its effectiveness in treating major depression, but that is not its only use. It can also help with other mental illnesses such as anxiety and PTSD.

    Ketamine and Anxiety

Ketamine has also shown effectiveness in reducing treatment-resistant anxiety. This is true for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder (SAD), panic disorders, and phobias.

    Ketamine and PTSD

Research has indicated that ketamine can be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is difficult to treat and has many components, and ketamine is incredibly promising for those suffering.

Why Are Ketamine Clinics Growing in Popularity?

Ketamine clinics in Beverly Hills are growing in popularity due to its recent FDA approval as a depression treatment. Those suffering from treatment-resistant depression in particular are finding hope where before they only found despair. Now that it is officially recognized as a depression treatment, more and more people are willing to give it a try.

If you’re looking for a ketamine clinic in Beverly Hills, there are now many possible options for you. They are accessible and easy to find, and provide a treatment with effects that were not previously considered possible.

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