Beginning your mental health journey can be both exciting and confusing. You’ve taken the major step to get help. Congrats! A therapist will guide you in dealing with all the problems that you’ve been battling alone.

But at the same time, getting counseling in Buffalo NY is not always an intuitive process. The state of mental healthcare in the US is underwhelming to say the least. For decades, the topic of mental illness has been avoided. Treatment has been expensive and time-consuming, and insurance hasn’t always been willing to pay.

The State of New York is one of the easier places to access mental healthcare, but that isn’t saying much. Throughout America, fewer than 50% of those suffering from a mental illness are actually getting treatment. That’s more than 20 million people suffering on their own!

So while we can be proud of our home as one of the more forward-thinking, culturally in-tune parts of America, there is still much to be done to ensure everyone gets the help they deserve. Mental illness is a threat to everyone. It crosses demographics, age-groups, and socioeconomic circumstance.

ThriveTalk is here to help the people of the Buffalo NY area.

ThriveTalk provides online counseling to individuals and groups in Buffalo and throughout the country. Online therapy is the ideal way to find the perfect therapist for you.

Here is how it works.

Is Online Therapy an Effective Way To Get Help?

Online therapy is relatively new, but studies have already been done testing its effectiveness. And the results are resounding! Online therapy is at least as effective as traditional therapy. It has certain advantages over regular therapy, which we will soon discuss.

Let’s start with a definition of what exactly online therapy is.

What is Online Therapy?

If you have been looking for counseling in Buffalo NY, you know that finding the right person is not easy. Your options are limited to those within driving distance, and finding a spot in their busy schedule that works for both of you can be a nightmare.

Getting to therapy itself can be a major hassle, and if there is traffic, you might end up missing your session or having to take extra time away from work.

Online therapy differs from regular therapy in that it is done remotely. Rather than rushing out to a therapist’s office, you connect with them via video and voice calling. Some online therapists will even text with you between sessions.

Therapists use the same methodology and techniques online as they would in person. They remain consistent to their approach, and are committed to the same principles. They are legally bound by the same confidentiality and ethics codes.

When it comes time to start your session, you simply connect online. Finding counseling in Buffalo NY or elsewhere is easier than ever. Travel time is no longer an issue. You get convenience without compromising anything that makes therapy so effective.

Getting The Help You Need and Deserve With ThriveTalk

ThriveTalk is committed to making sure everyone who needs help can get help. You do not need to have days off work or disposable income to see a therapist. This is something that you deserve the ability to prioritize.

Mental health cannot be swept under the carpet. Eventually, everyone needs someone to talk to. Avoiding it only leads to much bigger problems later on. You deserve to seek treatment whenever you need it.

Start now and you’ll be speaking to a highly-skilled professional in no time.

Therapy Is For Everyone

A lot of people spend time questioning whether they should seek therapy in the first place. They worry that therapy is only for those who desperately need it. That they might not benefit from seeing a therapist if they’re not suffering from a mental illness.

But therapy is for everyone. Plenty of people seeking counseling in Buffalo NY are not suffering from mental illnesses. The truth is that life is not easy, no matter what your circumstances. Everyone needs help sometimes.

There are problems which are situational. Maybe you are struggling with a new role at work or are in a conflict with your boss. Maybe your relationship is going through a rocky patch.

Alternatively, you may want to explore your purpose in life. Therapy is the perfect space to set goals for yourself and decide on a primary vision. You can use your therapist’s help to ask the questions you have avoided asking, learning to effectively negotiate the existential crises every human goes through.

Finding The Right Therapist For You

Therapy is build on the foundation of a strong therapist-client relationship. If you cannot build a relationship with your therapist, you are not going to get the most out of therapy.

While therapists are excellent at building rapport and quickly getting to know you, not everyone will click with the same people. It is possible that a therapist who is perfect for a friend of yours is the wrong person for you.

Sometimes, you simply cannot get on board with their approach. Psychology is a science, and as such the different therapies are all evidence-based and have been shown to work. But that doesn’t mean they will work uniformly for everyone. You might respond much better to one type of therapy than another.

When searching for a counselor in Buffalo NY, you would be limited to those therapists in the proximity. You would have to choose the closest psychologist, rather than the right one for you.

ThriveTalk makes finding the right therapist easier than ever. Look through our group of expert professionals and see who stands out to you. Then ask for a consultation to make sure they’re the person you will best connect with.

Why Online Therapy May Be Even More Effective Than Face-To-Face

This is one of the reasons online therapy can be even more effective than its traditional counterpart. The fact that you are working with the right therapist for you means your process will get of to a great start, and the relationship you build will be as strong as possible.

Our therapists have reported other reasons that online therapy can be more effective. Here are some of the most common responses:

  • Therapy can take place wherever the client is most comfortable, making it much easier for them to be vulnerable. Many people are more at ease speaking to a therapist in their own home or office than they would be in the therapist’s office.

  • Therapists who use lived experience to treat issues find the adaptability of online therapy incredibly useful. For example, some of our therapists using mindfulness report that doing therapy while the client is out for a walk, or even at a beautiful natural site like the Niagara Falls, allows for the client to put the principles into practice during the session.

  • Some of our therapists are happy to text between sessions. They report that after checking in with the client during the week, they have more time during the actual session to discuss what has happened during that time.

  • Working together online facilitates an easier sharing of resources. Therapists can send articles, videos, or readings for their clients to think about before the next session.


By far the most clear-cut advantage of online therapy is the sheer convenience. When receiving counseling in Buffalo NY, you need time to get to and from a session. You need to take traffic and waiting time into account. Instead of taking an hour off work, you might end up taking two hours off. A lot of people cannot afford that time.

With online therapy, you simply connect at the right time and start your session immediately. A session takes as long as it is supposed to and no longer.

This also allows you to spend a few minutes to finish off speaking to your therapist when necessary, without having to rush off in the middle of a thought.

Connect via ThriveTalk’s intuitive platform and schedule your very first session.

No One Has To Know You’re In Therapy

One common reason that people avoid therapy is that there is still a stigma attached to it. There is nothing to be ashamed of in seeing a therapist, but not everyone feels that way. There are certain people you might not want to find out you’re in therapy.

Now, instead of having to mysteriously leave the office, or risk being seen going in or out of a therapist’s rooms, you can connect in private. You will never have to worry about appointment cards or bills being found lying around either.

No one has to know you’re in therapy with ThriveTalk.

Get Started Today

Get started today and schedule your first appointment with the therapist of your dreams. Getting counseling in Buffalo NY has never been easier.

Click to search through our team of experts and you will be speaking to a highly-qualified professional in no time.

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