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Starting your mental health journey is exciting, but it can also be a major challenge. Mental health is not something most Americans like to talk about. While 1 in 5 American adults suffers from a mental illness, and suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the country, the subject is still somewhat taboo.

Taking care of your mental well-being is of critical importance. Unfortunately, access to treatment is frighteningly limited. More than 50% of people who need it are not receiving treatment of any kind. That’s over 20 million people suffering on their own.

Finding a therapist in the Washington, D.C. and Arlington, VA areas is no easy matter. Virginia especially suffers from a lack of access to mental health services, and Washington does not fare much better.

The good news is, there’s no need to worry. ThriveTalk has got you covered!

ThriveTalk brings online therapy to you. It is now easier than ever to find a therapist, no matter where you are.

Everyone suffering from a mental illness needs access to therapy, but it doesn’t stop there. Anyone can benefit from therapy. It is the perfect space to deal with issues, improve communication, and find meaning in life.

Here’s what you can expect from ThriveTalk.

Start Your Search for a Therapist Here

Find a therapist in Washington, D.C. and beyond with ThriveTalk. Our intuitive platform is ideal for finding the right person for you. Take a look through our highly-skilled therapists and choose whoever appeals to you most. Ask them for a consultation.

It doesn’t matter how far away from them you are. All you need is an internet connection and you can bring them into your own home.

Start your search for a therapist with ThriveTalk and you’ll be talking to a fully-qualified professional in no time.

Finding the Best Therapist for You

It takes a lot of study and hard work to qualify as a therapist and gain professional certification. Anyone who has made it through the process is undoubtedly good at what they do. However, that does not mean you should choose a therapist out of a hat.

Therapy is built on a strong relationship with your therapist. Any therapist can generate a rapport and will be attentive to your needs. But sometimes, a relationship needs something more. Something that can’t be quantified.

Therefore, it’s important that you find the right person for you.

1. The Right Psychologist is Not Always the Most Convenient Psychologist

Finding a therapist in Washington, D.C. requires proximity. You need to chooses someone who is close enough for you to drive to for sessions. Instead of choosing a psychologist according to their profile, you have to choose between the few in your vicinity. Among those, you will find many who have full schedules and long waiting lists. You have to be particularly lucky to find the right psychologist.

With ThriveTalk, the choice is yours to make. We have the right therapist for every person. You can choose according to your preferences, and connecting with them will be more convenient than you imagined.

Rather than spending time in traffic to get to their offices, you connect from the comfort of your own home, office, or even car. It doesn’t matter how far away they are.

Set up a consultation and find out how you click with them.

2. Are They Selling Themselves or Talking About Their Work?

The best psychologists always have your interests at heart. They know that they are not the right person for everyone. And that comes through when you’re talking to them. While they show passion about what they do, they don’t come across like they’re trying to sell themselves.

They’ll explain to you how they work and what you can expect from them. They’ll give you some understanding of their approach. They’ll let you get to know them a bit. And then they’ll leave the choice to you.

Finding the right psychologist requires a personal choice. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

3. Talk to Them

When consulting with our therapists, spend some time talking to them. Ask them questions about themselves and how they can help you. Tell them a little bit about what you’re looking for and would need from them.

4. Notice How You Feel Talking to Them

Often, how you feel talking to them is more important than what you think about what they say. It’s important that you pay attention to what they’re telling you. But remember to take notice of your own emotions as well.

This is someone with whom you are potentially going to share some of your most personal thoughts. You must get the impression that you will be able to click with them. You must at the very least feel like they are someone you will be able to grow to trust.

You don’t need to be ready to open up fully right from the get-go. Very few people are. But generally you can tell if you’ll be able to in the long run.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

Once you’ve found someone you connect with, you might be ready to make your choice. And then you find someone who seems to get you just a little bit more. Often, people feel that once they’ve made the choice to go with one therapist, they must stick to it.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Feel free to change your mind. The therapist will understand and encourage you to do what’s best for you. Your choice will have a lot to do with your instinctive feelings about the person, so don’t feel like you need to explain your reasoning.

Finding the right therapist in the Washington, D.C. or Arlington VA areas has never been easier. Get started on ThriveTalk to set up a consultation today.

Getting The Help You Need and Deserve With ThriveTalk

Many people feel like they’re being self-indulgent by seeing a therapist. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Seeing a therapist is one of the best things you can do for yourself and those around you. You will gain the skills to better manage events in your life, along with your emotions. You will start communicating better with your loved ones and resolving conflicts in a healthy manner.

You will also find yourself able to be more productive, as the reasons you avoid certain tasks become less compelling.

Everyone deserves the chance to see a therapist. We all struggle sometimes. Don’t be afraid to ask the professionals for help.

Therapy Is For Everyone

Therapy is not only for those suffering from a mental illness. Therapy is for everyone. No matter what issues you are struggling with, a therapist can help.

The world is a difficult place for everyone at times. There are no right answers and sometimes it’s hard to see what is getting in the way of our own happiness. A therapist will help you negotiate the tough terrain and come through stronger.

Consider seeing a therapist if you:

  • have particular issues you’re struggling with
  • are unsatisfied with your work life
  • are unhappy with your home life
  • want to connect better with your partner or family
  • find yourself questioning the meaning of life
  • want to identify your purpose in life
  • wish to learn coping skills
  • need to manage your emotions more effectively

There are many more reasons you may want to see a therapist. If you’re asking the question, then a therapist can definitely help you.

Finding a therapist in Washington, D.C. is easy. You no longer have to question whether or not you can make the time for it.

Helpful Questions to Ask Our Therapists

When consulting our therapists, you should have a few questions on hand to ask. These will help you decide if they’re right for you.

Here are some questions clients often find helpful:

  • What is your approach to therapy? Each therapist follows one or another approach to therapy. These approaches are all evidence-based. All of them work, but some people connect better with one than another.
  • Do you specialize in my issues? If you’re seeing a therapist for a particular issue, you might want to find a specialist. Ask them about their experience working with people like you to see if they’re the person best placed to help you.
  • How long will the process continue? Some therapists prefer the process to go on indefinitely, and many clients like to be in therapy for the long term. Other therapists feel that having an endpoint to the process is beneficial. It is often a matter of personal preference.

Get Started Today

Get started on ThriveTalk today and you’ll be consulting with a highly-skilled expert in no time.

Finding a therapist in Washington, D.C. has never been easier. Use ThriveTalk to find the therapist perfect for you.

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Angel Rivera
I am a Bilingual (Spanish) Psychiatrist with a mixture of strong clinical skills including Emergency Psychiatry, Consultation Liaison, Forensic Psychiatry, Telepsychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry training in treatment of the elderly. I have training in EMR records thus very comfortable in working with computers. I served the difficult to treat patients in challenging environments in outpatient and inpatient settings
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