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What do every 1 in 5 American adults have in common? It’s not political opinions, state, or employment status. A fifth of all Americans suffer from mental illness.

Mental illness transcends class, gender, sexuality, politics, and demographic. Everyone is at risk of suffering from a mental illness. Even those who had a wonderful upbringing, are in a strong relationship, and have a stable career.

So why is it that we’re so afraid to talk about mental illness? While more than 40 million American adults suffer from a mental illness, awareness and access to care are severely limited. Fewer than half those suffering are receiving treatment of any kind.

This is true in Kansas City and throughout the state. Just like anywhere else in America, seeking counseling in Kansas City is an intimidating and confusing process.

That needs to change. Everyone deserves access to affordable therapy that fits into their busy schedules. Treatment cannot be limited to the wealthy and the desperate.

The ThriveTalk revolution is here. ThriveTalk brings online therapy to residents of Kansas City and throughout America.

This is mental health treatment grounded in the 21st Century. Here is how it works.

Get Expert Help With Online Therapy

People are understandably skeptical about whether technology can improve the field of mental health. Excellent therapy has been available since long before the internet was invented.

But modern innovations are undeniably making psychology more effective and accessible. Online therapy brings treatment to the tens of millions who need it without compromising on the traditional practice.

Recent research has shown that online therapy is at least as effective as regular therapy. It is possible it even improves on it. More studies are being done as we speak, with researchers excited by all the possibilities online therapy has to offer.

Finding counseling in Kansas City has never been easier. Get started with ThriveTalk today and find your perfect therapist in minutes.

What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is any sort of therapy that takes place remotely. You chat with your therapist over video and voice calling. Some therapists will even text with their clients between sessions.

At its core, online therapy is essentially the same as regular therapy. While you’re not in the same room, you are nonetheless face-to-face with your therapist. At ThriveTalk, all our therapists are experts in their fields. They are fully qualified and registered with professional boards, and are therefore bound by the same principles and rules.

Our psychologists use evidence-based techniques to bring you the help you need, and to guide you through the growth process. They have your best interests at heart and will always act in accordance with professional guidelines to ensure your wellbeing.

Getting The Help You Need and Deserve With ThriveTalk

Therapy should not be limited to the wealthy and the desperate. Getting counseling in Kansas City has never been as easy as it ought to be. Those who had any sort of doubts over whether they might need therapy would typically go without help.

But everyone deserves the chance to see a therapist. Everyone deserves for it to be as accessible as possible. It is the number one way to achieve and maintain wellness. A healthy balance in life should always be a priority.

Just as you make physical wellness a priority, mental wellness is of the utmost importance. Give your mental health the attention it deserves and book an appointment with an online therapist now.

Therapy Is For Everyone

Finding that balance is not just for those who are suffering with a mental illness. Therapy is for everyone. It is a wonderful tool for getting the most out of life, including your career and relationships.

Therapy is incredibly important for those who have a mental illness. An excellent therapist will help you learn the tools to manage the illness and get your life on a healthy track. They will advise you as to how to treat the symptoms as well as targeting the underlying problem. They know how to craft a holistic treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

For those who do not think they have a mental illness, therapy still serves a crucial purpose. We are never given a guide book to life. Much of the time, we are using trial and error to achieve our goals. We go into relationships without the tools to communicate our feelings effectively, wary of being vulnerable around others.

Therapy is the space to gain these tools and learn how to get where we want to be. It is an opportunity to assess our goals in life and form a coherent vision for ourselves. It is the chance to heal old wounds and ensure that they don’t dictate how we live our lives.

Quite simply, therapy can be the determining factor that makes our lives all the more fulfilling.

Finding The Right Therapist For You

At the heart of therapy is the relationship you build with your therapist. In the past, when looking for counseling in Kansas City, you have had to make a significant compromise. Rather than finding the person who suits you best, you would have to find the person who is closest in proximity. After all, you couldn’t spend hours getting to and from every session.

With online therapy at ThriveTalk, you can find the right therapist for you, at your convenience. Use our simple online platform to search for the therapist who best suits your needs. Every therapist has their own approach and specialty. There is someone for everyone.

You’ll find someone who you connect with on a deep level. Someone you feel safe opening up to. Someone with whom you are comfortable being vulnerable.

At the time of your appointment, simply connect through the platform. There is no travel or waiting time. Traffic is a non-issue. A 50 minute session only takes up 50 minutes.

Why Online Therapy May Be Even More Effective Than Traditional Therapy

Online therapy is certainly as effective as traditional therapy. But is it possible it could be even more effective? Our therapists seem to think so!

Our therapists have given a number of reasons they find online therapy more effective than traditional therapy. Here are some of them:

  • Many people are more comfortable speaking to a therapist from their own home or office. They are more primed to open up and be vulnerable. The therapy process therefore moves more quickly, with clients and therapists seeing results sooner than expected.
  • Clients can practice bringing what they learn in therapy into their lives. For example, therapists who work with mindfulness can speak to clients as they go through mindful walks or eat meals mindfully.
  • In the same vein, clients can communicate with therapists via text between sessions. Some therapists use this as a way to help clients integrate techniques into their lives. Then, rather than spending time recounting what happened between sessions, the therapist and client are able to dive straight into assessing how these situations went.
  • Schedules are easier to change. Rather than having to cancel a session when something comes up, clients can negotiate a new time with their therapist. In traditional therapy, clients might have to wait until their next scheduled session to see their therapist again.


One of the biggest obstacles in the way of people seeking counseling in Kansas City has been a lack of time. When you spend the whole day at work, finding time to see a therapist might seem like nothing more than a pipedream.

Online therapy with ThriveTalk makes therapy convenient and therefore accessible even to those working full-time jobs. You can make the most out of a lunch break, or spend some time speaking to your therapist after work without compromising on family time.

It’s also far easier to find a therapist willing to speak to you after hours online than in traditional settings. Therapists can fit your appointment in when they have a spare hour, without having to worry about getting to the office just to see one client.

Start now and schedule an appointment when it suits you.

Beat the Stigma

The stigma surrounding mental illness simply won’t go away. Despite over 40 million American adults suffering from a mental illness, people are still afraid to admit to it. It is understandable that you may not want people to know you’re in therapy.

With ThriveTalk, no one has to know you’re seeing a psychologist. You won’t have to leave the home or office at arbitrary times. No one will see you walking in or out of a therapist’s office.

This may give you peace of mind that, in addition to the therapist’s confidentiality, you are protected from prying eyes.

Get Started Today

Get started on our online platform today and you’ll be speaking to a therapist in no time. Finding counseling in Kansas City has never been easier.

Click through to find your ideal therapist. There’s nothing stopping you from getting the help you need and deserve.

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