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Life can be hard. Having someone to talk to can help you make positive changes. Therapy isn’t just about discussing your past, it’s about helping you set and reach goals. You don’t have to go it alone anymore. Learn more about ThriveTalk.

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Regardless of what you’re dealing with, we have a licensed therapist who can support you with an individualized approach. No cookie cutter therapy here! We’re all about making sure we meet your unique needs needs. Because we know how busy you are, you can communicate with your online therapist on the go. We’re here to support you when and where you need it.

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ThriveTalk is powered by a secure, sleek and intuitive platform. We form partnerships with online businesses around the world to customize our platform for their needs, hire the finest clinical talent, provide full service CX and much more.

Therapy is now in the palm of your hand

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Whether you’re a company looking to grow your business with a custom solution to your technical and clinical needs, or a company looking to provide assistance to your employees, ThriveTalk has your back. ThriveTalk provides curated clinical business solutions an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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More than 20% of the workforce on any given day is significantly troubled by a personal issue, according to U.S. Data and Statistics. ThriveTalk helps your employees to perform better at their jobs and manage mental health symptoms.

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