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Unraveling The Truth About SSRIs and Other Antidepressants

Trying to be happy in the midst of depression is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. It’s like trying to see a crack of sunlight in a cave buried 1,000 feet below the surface of the earth. Or like trying to see the color in a black and white world. Living with depression is excruciating. And yet, that’s exactly what more than 16 million adults in the U.S. had to do in 2015. Yep, that’s almost 7 percent of all American adults. Getting treatment for depression is difficult. First, you have to know you’re depressed. Then, there’s the “crazy” stigma to wrestle with, along with finding and talking to a therapist. But for many, the real struggle is wrapping their brains around taking SSRIs or other antidepressants. After all, taking a drug that affects your mind is a scary concept.
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The Consequences of Neglecting Self-Care as a Caregiver: Therapy is Critical

Being a caregiver can be overwhelming, with challenges that can intensify as time goes on. As this intensity brews, you may start to suffer just as much as your loved one in need. The grief of seeing a loved one’s health deteriorate and being responsible for their well-being can cause you to lose control and hit a low point. If stress starts to feel unmanageable, remember it’s OK to get help from friends and family or from online support groups and therapy.
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How to Stay Physically, Emotionally, & Spiritually Healthy During a Divorce

Even if the split is amicable, going through a divorce can be extraordinarily trying. The stress can affect every area of your life, even if you think you have a handle on it. This is the time to go back to basics when it comes to self-care. Consider divorce therapy to deal with your anger and anxiety. Learn how to stay healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually when going through a divorce.
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Are you Sexually Compatible With Your Partner? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Sex matters! It’s an important aspect of any romantic relationship. But what happens if your tastes and your partner’s don’t necessarily line up? Maybe you’re into fishnets, candles, and sex toys while he’s more of a missionary style, lights off, socks on kind of guy. If the above speaks to you, I hate to break it to you but this could be a problem down the road.
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