Free Marriage Counseling in San Antonio!

Every couple stands to benefit from marriage counseling, regardless of whether you’re facing clear-cut marital problems or not. Don’t wait for your marriage to hit rocky roads before getting some professional input. The great news is that you can get access to free marriage counseling in San Antonio!

Marriage Counseling San Antonio

Marriage counseling in San Antonio has become incredibly popular. In fact, marriage counseling is becoming a common choice for couples from all around the world. 

What’s Available Today?

Due to free and low-cost options available in San Antonio, marriage counseling is more accessible than ever!

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is a therapeutic intervention provided by a licensed mental health professional. The focus is on the marriage or relationship as a whole, rather than on a particular individual. While there are many different forms of couples therapy, most aim to help the couple communicate clearly and constructively. In addition, couples therapy aims to help the pair gain insight into the functioning of their relationship, address points of conflict and create new (and healthier) ways of interacting. 

Premarital Counseling

This form of counseling provides a safe space in which you can discuss questions such as:

  • “Is marriage a good choice for us?”
  • “What do healthy relationships look like?”
  • “Which difficulties do marriages encounter further down the line?”
  • “What can we, as a couple, do to ensure that we maintain a healthy union?”

In other words, premarital counseling is a proactive strategy for mapping out the what’s what of a healthy marriage. This form of counseling is about preempting difficulties before they arise. 

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is geared toward helping couples meet the specific challenges that are commonly associated with married life. While marriage counseling and couples therapy are labels that may be used interchangeably, they are not the same thing. For starters, marriage counseling is a form of counseling, not therapy. This means that it is usually shorter term and geared toward addressing specific goals and challenges faced by the married couple. Couples therapy, on the other hand, is generally a bit more open-ended, allowing a therapeutic process to unfold gradually and naturally. 

Individual Counseling

Most couples therapists agree that “it takes two to tango.” Nonetheless, sometimes individual therapy is needed to foster a healthy marriage. For example, if one person has specific mental health or relationship issues that are causing marital problems, individual counseling might be indicated. It could be necessary to help that person gain insight and change behaviors that are negatively affecting the duo. While in some cases individual counseling might be recommended instead of couples work, a couple stands to benefit much more when both parties are willing to admit fault and expend effort in making the relationship work. 

Online Therapy

With online therapy, it’s incredibly easy to be connected with the right clinician for your needs. Online therapy means shorter waiting lists, less time spent in traffic and more affordable rates. 

Benefits of Marriage Counseling for a Committed Relationship

What are the benefits of marriage counseling? For starters, marital counseling can help you deepen your empathy for your spouse and improve your communication skills with them. Marriage counseling should also improve your intimacy and allow you to develop a deeper sense of your spouse’s emotional needs. Furthermore, marriage counseling can promote personal growth and self-awareness for both individuals. It encourages them to examine themselves and the effect that their own baggage might have on the relationship. 

Another powerful benefit is an increased capacity to resolve conflict in the healthiest manner possible. Keep in mind that conflict is a natural and necessary part of any marriage. It’s how we resolve conflict. This is where marriage counseling can be incredibly valuable. 

Free and Low-Cost Counseling Services in San Antonio

If you’re looking for marriage counseling in San Antonio that won’t break the bank, you’re in luck. 


The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) has a family counseling center that provides these services for free. To book an appointment, simply call 210-458-2055.  

Abiding Hope Institute of Christian Counseling

This organization provides marriage counseling for those who are open to counseling that is practiced within a Christian framework. The institute can be contacted on 210-236-7768.

Family Service Association

The Family Service Association is a non-profit organization that has been serving families in need for over 115 years. The website states that they charge their fees on a sliding scale and that no one will be denied help simply because they are not able to pay the full cost of the service. This organization can be contacted on 210-299-2443.

Jewish Family Service

This organization has been serving the people of San Antonio for over 40 years. Although they are a Jewish organization, their mental health services are available to anyone. The company charges according to your income and what you can afford; and they also accepts third-party payments. You can contact them on 210-302-6920

Finding a Good Licensed Professional 

What should you look for in a mental health professional? If you’re looking for marriage counseling in San Antonio, find a practitioner who: 

  • Has good communication skills. 
  • Is comfortable with acknowledging challenges.
  • Can give good advice on conflict management.
  • Is focused on achieving goals.
  • Can give the right advice. 

It’s Easy to Schedule an Appointment!

Whether you’re looking for couples therapy, premarital counseling, marriage counseling or individual treatment; it’s all accessible with the click of a mouse through online therapy. Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face interactions, you can access free marriage counseling in San Antonio by contacting the organizations that we have mentioned. 

Cherish the Gift of Marriage 

We service our automobiles regularly. We attend dental and medical check-ups as a matter of routine. Don’t marriages deserve the same sort of preventative care? There is no shortage of options for getting free marriage counseling in San Antonio. So, don’t hold up, get your marriage the attention it deserves!  

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