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San Diego mental health professionals strive to make counseling accessible to all. Exciting innovations have been taking place to ensure that the community is aware of mental health issues and how to get help. 

San Diego Counselor: Highlights

  • Counseling is an important aspect of treatment for people with psychological disorders. 
  • San Diego’s mental health community is progressive and innovative. 
  • In San Diego, counseling can be accessed by anyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

How Can Mental Health Counseling in San Diego Help You?

Individual counseling involves speaking with a licensed professional. This form of counseling, or talk-therapy, is invaluable in helping a person to cope with life stressors and/or psychological disorders. Anyone can benefit from counseling; and San Diego counseling programs are equipped to help no matter your circumstances.  

Is Counseling in San Diego Available for Everyone?

If you are looking for a San Diego counselor, you can rest assured that the right mental health practitioner is able to meet your specific needs. 


Therapists and school counselors are specially trained to work with children facing learning difficulties, developmental delays, behavioral problems or emotional issues.


School counseling gives teens the opportunity to work with a mental health professional who understands the specific stress associated with adolescence. 

Young Adults

Depression, which is the leading cause of disability in the USA, usually starts to rear its head during young adulthood. Counseling is a great way to promote a young adult’s emotional and behavioral health. 

College Students

College counselors are trained to foster student success by providing emotional support. This may include career and education guidance. 

Married Couples 

Premarital counseling and marriage counseling are great ways to foster a healthy relationship, regardless of your marital status. 


Families may benefit from counseling when trying to cope with a loss or change unhealthy dynamics. In addition to resolving conflict, counseling can bring the whole family closer.

People From All Backgrounds

San Diego counseling centers strive to make psychological services available to all who need it, regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. 

How Can a Counselor in San Diego Help You?

A San Diego counselor requires a master’s degree to practice, meaning that they are trained to meet a broad range of psychological needs. Clinical psychologists hold a doctoral degree and also have the clinical experience necessary to provide specialized counseling. 


Couples therapists are able to help strengthen relationships through conflict resolution and communication training. Contrary to popular belief, going for couples counseling is not a sign that the relationship has failed – it’s a sign that the couple are willing to prioritize their bond. 

Anger Management

For those who struggle to control anger outbursts, counseling can provide tools for managing and expressing their anger in the healthiest way possible. 

Communication Skills

Communication is a vital aspect of emotional health and personal growth. Overwhelming emotions can make it harder for us to communicate effectively. San Diego Counselors are equipped to train people to become clearer and more self-aware communicators. 

Mental Health Issues

Depression and anxiety are among the most commonly occurring psychological disorders. Other common conditions include obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar mood disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Counseling can provide you with the support that is necessary to cope. 

Grief Counseling

Losing a loved one is never easy. Grief counseling is a way of being supported through the process, especially in circumstances where the loss has been particularly traumatic; or when another mental health condition has been triggered.


In 2017 alone, an estimated 19.7 million Americans battled with a substance abuse. Specially tailored addiction programs are available to help one kick the habit. Longer term support groups are also available for relapse prevention. 

Ways to Find A Counselor in San Diego

If you’re looking to find the right counselor for your needs, a Google search is likely to bring up a host of options. Alternatively, speak to your local doctor for a referral. 

San Diego Mental Health Resources

When it comes to innovative mental health resources, San Diego residents have no shortage of options. 

“Check Your Mood”

“Check Your Mood” is an annual San Diego event which takes place on October 11. Residents are given the opportunity to check-in on their emotional wellbeing by dropping in at a local station where they will be anonymously screened for depression and given assistance as required. 

Online Counseling

In recent times, increasing numbers of mental health professionals have been offering counseling online. Online counseling is typically more affordable and offers the benefit of extra anonymity, as you can receive counseling from the comfort of your own home. 

San Diego County Mental Health Services

A mental health service program has been put in place to make counseling accessible to those who are uninsured or in need of financial aid. 

Pilot Program to Force People Into Mental Health Treatment

County board members have recently voted in support of a pilot program designed to assist those living with serious mental health conditions. The program will effectively force those with severe psychiatric conditions and/or drug addictions to commit to a certain line of treatment. 

This program will only apply to people who have had multiple admissions to a mental health facility within a year. The aim is to reduce the number of people on the streets that are struggling to manage chronic psychological conditions. However, concerns have been raised regarding the ethics of forcing a person to receive treatment against their wishes. 

A San Diego Counselor Can Help You Check Your Mental Health

Counseling is a valuable resource that can help a person cope with a loss, trauma, life change or psychological disorder. San Diego counselors are there for their community, ensuring that mental health services are affordable and easily accessible. To learn more about services available in your area, take a look at a helpful directory here or here.

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