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If you are being picked on, teased, being called names or having rumours spread about you, you will be able to get help and support by talking to a mentor. This will be someone your own age in your school, or online using the chat and messaging on this website.

If you are struggling with something more serious, like self-harm, depression, suicidal thoughts, physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect (when someone’s not looking after you properly), then the Mentor will pass you to a counsellor on the website, or a teacher or trusted adult supporting the scheme in your school.

If you would like to know more about what will happen if our counsellors are worried about your safety, please go to If we are worried about your safety


At the moment, BeatBullying has funding to keep our qualified counsellors online from 8am-2am, which means we can only provide help at these times. If you need help outside of these hours, please call ChildLine or the Samaritans.

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