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San Diego Counseling centers provide treatment for adults and young people who are suffering from mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. They also offer crisis intervention in cases of domestic violence, physical, mental or emotional abuse. Counseling services are tailored to meet the needs of the person to help them to restore their mental health and to return to normal functioning.

San Diego Counseling Centers: Highlights

  • Therapy is provided by a qualified psychologist.
  • Most San Diego Counseling Centers receive health insurance and some offer low-cost therapies.
  • Some centers provide therapies in different languages and some have weekend and evening appointments available. 
  • Crisis hotlines operate 24/7 to attend emergency situations.
  • Counseling normally takes place in person, either individually, with a partner, in a family or group. There are also options for online counseling.

Why Are Counseling Centers in San Diego Important?

Counseling centers in San Diego provide a wide range of services that promote mental health. By offering accessibly-priced services, many mental health conditions can be discovered and treated early so that the negative effect on the family and the community is diminished. Many mental illnesses develop during the teenage years and diagnosing these conditions early can get the youngster the help they need.

Counseling services can empower individuals and families to better understand their problems and learn ways to deal with them. They will be shown how to improve their communication skills to avoid future problems and also learn how to resolve and move on from past conflicts.

People experiencing a wide range of issues can benefit from counseling and San Diego is increasing the services it offers to include more people of all racial, and cultural backgrounds at rates that everyone can afford. Investing in improved mental health services could reduce crime and decrease the incidence of repeat offenders by treating their underlying mental health problem or addiction.

Which Mental Health Services are Available in San Diego?

San Diego offers both out-patient and in-patient services for people with mental health problems and families who are experiencing conflicts or the effects of abuse.

Counseling Services

Counseling services include individual and family counseling, couples counseling, and marriage counseling. Behavioral therapy helps people better understand how their thoughts and beliefs affect the way they act and how they can control this.

Individual Therapy

Takes place on a one to one basis. The therapist will guide the person to define their problems and help them to learn techniques to modify their behavior.

Group Therapy

Occurs with several people who have similar problems together with a qualified therapist. The shared experiences of the group can help people to find solutions.

Online Therapy

Therapy over the internet using e-mails or video calls can be a low-cost, convenient, and discreet counseling option.

Crisis Intervention

The San Diego Access and Crisis Line is multilingual and operates 24/7 on 1-888-724-7240 or dial 911.

Substance Abuse Treatment

A clinical psychologist can help people to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction by counseling, medication, and support groups

Low Cost San Diego Counseling Resources

San Diego has a number of low-cost counseling centers where fees are on a sliding scale based on income, and most of which receive insurance.

Catholic Charities

Located at 349 Cedar St, offers a range of therapies with sliding scale fees starting at $60. Contact them at 619 231 2828.


Offers individual therapy with a focus on anger and violence management. Situated at 3636 Camino del Rio N. Call 619 234 7970 for more information.

Jewish Family Services

Situated at 804 Balboa Avenue, this center offers different therapies and help groups some of which are free. Phone 858 637 3210.

Center for Community Counseling (SDSU)

This center, at 4283 El Cajon Blvd. offers therapies in various languages and has in-home services. For more information call 619 594 4918

LGBT Center

Counseling service for members of the LGBT community. Sessions start from $25. Located at 3909 Centre Street, telephone 619 692 2077

University of San Diego Counseling Center

Based on campus, at Serra Hall, for counseling of students, staff, faculty, and their families. Information and 24/7 crisis call center on 619 260 4655.

Drug Users and Homeless People to Get Offered Treatment Over Jail

The pilot PLEADS (Prosecution and Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion Services) program- which is being implemented in San Diego County will give detained drug addicts the opportunity of receiving treatment instead of a jail sentence. Homeless people will also be offered help to solve their housing situation.

A recent study which analyses data compiled during twenty-five years, reveals that 8 out of 10 shooting incidents in San Diego involved a person with mental health issues and or substance abuse. Getting people treatment for their addictions will reduce their need to resort to crime to support their habits.

San Diego is Reaching Out to The People!

The county of San Diego has just committed itself to increasing spending in the public health area by $112-million in the 2019-20 fiscal year. Over $25.3-million will be invested in increasing walk-in services for outpatients with mental health problems and for establishing 70 new Psychiatric Emergency Response Teams. Money will also be available for homes, Live Well centers, and outdoor recreational spaces.

Training law enforcement officers to deal with people in unstable mental states and de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation will receive $1.5-million of funding. In the last year, officials in San Diego attended over 50,00 calls which involved an issue related to mental health.

San Diego Counseling Centers will be able to reach more people and ensure that they receive the treatment, support, and help they need to live productive lives. The extra financing will also be used to increase awareness about mental health and to make more options available for people in need.


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