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The United States is built on some fundamental values. At the core of how each of us approaches life is “the American dream.” The idea that if you work hard enough, anything is possible.

This can be an admirable way to live. Hard work is not only one of the fundamentals of success, but it also gives many people a sense of meaning and purpose. But it also leads to some unhealthy thinking.

We think that we need to do everything ourselves. That if we’re struggling, it’s due to a moral failing and it’s our own fault. Yet this belief underlies one of America’s biggest problems.

Mental illness. So many people think of mental illness as a weakness, rather than the serious epidemic that it is. More than 40 million American adults are suffering from at least one mental illness. It’s not their fault, and without help, mental illness is often impossible to overcome.

Of those 40 million, fewer than half are receiving treatment of any kind. Some of them are afraid of asking for help, but many others simply don’t know where to find it. If you’ve ever tried finding a psychologist in Charlotte NC, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Just getting the information you need to start looking is an intimidating and confusing process.

ThriveTalk is here to change that. We’ve got the Charlotte NC area covered, with effective online therapy.

ThriveTalk is revolutionizing mental health treatment with online therapy. You can connect with one of our therapists no matter where you are.

Here is how it works.

Start Your Search for a Therapist Here

Until recently, if you wanted to find a psychologist in Charlotte NC, you would have to trawl through directories. You would cross off all those who lived too far from your home or office. You would cross off all those who were booked up for the foreseeable future.

And you would be left with precious few options. You would have to choose who was available and in close proximity, rather than the therapist you liked best.

ThriveTalk makes finding the right therapist for you easier than ever. Using our online platform, you choose the psychologist who suits your needs and personality. It doesn’t matter where they are based. When the time comes for your session, you simply log on and connect via video calling.

It’s intuitive and easy. For those of us who have crazy work schedules, it allows us to fit a therapy session in without compromising on anything else. Since you don’t have to worry about travel or waiting time, a 50 minute session only takes 50 minutes.

It is also affordable. Anyone can see a therapist.

Looking for a psychologist in Charlotte NC? Start your search on ThriveTalk today.

Finding the Best Therapist for You

At the core of therapy is the therapist-client relationship. All modern approaches to psychology acknowledge this. Psychologists are trained to develop a quick rapport with clients. They know how to build a powerful healing relationship.

However, the more perfect the fit between psychologist and client is, the stronger the relationship. Some people just click better with certain therapists and particular approaches. It is really important to find the right therapist for you.

1. The Right Psychologist is Not Always the Most Convenient Psychologist

The problem in the past was that instead of choosing the right psychologist in Charlotte NC, you would have to go with whoever was most convenient. If the right person for you was an hour’s drive away, you would end up choosing someone much closer.

And while you would find someone with all the right qualifications, you just might not click with them.

With ThriveTalk, you can find the right psychologist without worrying about convenience. To connect with them, you simply log on at the right time and start chatting.

Start your search for a therapist on ThriveTalk and you’ll be talking to a highly-qualified expert in no time.

2. Are They Selling Themselves or Talking About Their Work?

Ask our therapists for a consultation to assess whether they’re the right person for you. All good therapists understand that not every person will click with them. They want what’s best for you, which is to connect with the psychologist who will help you most.

When speaking with them, take note of whether they’re trying to sell themselves or are simply passionate about their work. Passion is a very good thing. And they should definitely be confident that they can help you.

But that doesn’t mean they should be selling themselves. On the contrary, they should tell you what they have to offer and let you make the choice without trying to push you either way.

3. Talk to Them

Finding the right therapist takes more than looking through a bio and choosing based on specialty or experience. Talking to them will be very helpful in making your choice. You can learn a lot about who they are and how they work based on your conversation with them.

4. Notice How You Feel Talking to Them

But this should not be solely about what they say. Notice how you feel talking to them. Do you connect with their style of communication? Do you feel comfortable with them?

You’re going to be more open with your therapist than with just about anyone else in your life. You need to feel like this is a space you can be vulnerable in. How you feel talking to them is of utmost importance.

While not everyone connects with a therapist from the get-go, and will take time to warm up no matter who they’re talking to, you should at least get the feeling that you’ll be able to build a relationship with this person.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Mind

After speaking to a therapist, you might feel they’re certainly the person for you. Then you’ll speak to someone else and realize that they’re just a better fit. At this point, a lot of people will feel uncomfortable changing their minds.

Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Your choice is so important, that therapists will understand if you end up choosing someone else. You must be completely confident in your choice.

Start searching on ThriveTalk and you’ll find a psychologist in Charlotte NC and beyond in no time.

Getting The Help You Need and Deserve With ThriveTalk

Getting help with your mental health is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of tremendous courage in confronting your problems head on. Everyone needs help if they are to live their best lives.

You deserve the opportunity to build yourself up, improving every aspect of your life. While we live in a society in which the idea of being self-made is idealized, no one can truly make it on their own. Give yourself the advantage you deserve by asking for help from highly-skilled professionals.

Search on ThriveTalk today for the help you deserve.

Therapy Is For Everyone

Therapy is not just for those suffering from a mental illness. No one is given a guide book on how to live life. We are all trying our best to find our way in this world. Most people struggle to find the right balance between work and family, to build lasting relationships that are good for them, to find meaning and purpose, and even to raise their children.

We all need help in at least one of these areas. Therapy is the perfect space to get that help. You get the chance to assess your life thoughtfully, learning from the past and making the best possible choices for the future.

It’s never been this easy to find a therapist in Charlotte NC and beyond, to deal with any issues you may be facing.

Helpful Questions to Ask Our Therapists

When searching for the right therapist with ThriveTalk, you will want to ask a few questions to find out if they suit you. What’s most important is how you feel talking to them, but you’ll also want to know some of the following:

  • What is your approach to therapy? All of our therapists use evidence-based approaches that are proven to work. However, you might connect more with one approach than another.

  • Do you have a specialty? We have therapists who specialize in all areas of psychology. Find the right one for your particular issues.

  • Tell me about your experience. All of our therapists are fully-qualified, meaning they’ve done at least hundreds of hours of therapy already. Some will have done more of a specific kind of therapy than others. Ask them about their experience with your issues.

Get Started Today

Connect with your ideal therapist today. Finding a psychologist in Charlotte NC has never been easier.

Online therapy brings effective help to you. Convenience is no longer a determining factor.

Get started on ThriveTalk’s intuitive platform immediately.

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Angel Rivera
I am a Bilingual (Spanish) Psychiatrist with a mixture of strong clinical skills including Emergency Psychiatry, Consultation Liaison, Forensic Psychiatry, Telepsychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry training in treatment of the elderly. I have training in EMR records thus very comfortable in working with computers. I served the difficult to treat patients in challenging environments in outpatient and inpatient settings
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