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Existential Therapy: Take Charge of Your Own Life

Existential therapy is a ground-breaking style of psychological therapy that emphasizes the human condition and its paradoxical nature as a whole. In existential psychotherapy, a positive approach is used that acknowledges the capacities and aspirations of people while acknowledging human limitations.

The human experience does not have a prescribed manual and therefore existential therapy can be looked at as more of an attitude concerned with human suffering. It questions the nature of a person and how it is connected to the nature of life.
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What is Circadian Rhythm Disorder?

Do you have a difficult time maintaining an optimal sleep schedule?  Perhaps you have considered yourself a “night owl” because you stay awake so late. Or perhaps you consider yourself a “morning lark” because you awaken so early. If you experience this and subsequent excessive drowsiness, you may have a condition called circadian rhythm disorder (sometimes called Non-24). Learn more about this condition, how it could affect your daily functioning, and what to do about it:
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