The Complete Guide To Platonic Relationships and Their Risks

The first idea that comes to mind when you think about having a meaningful relationship is probably something romantic. The idea of a significant other that you share your life with and grow old together while remaining head over heels in love. However, there are actually several types of relationships that are just as important […]

Struggling With an Inferiority Complex? Here’s What To Do

When you compare yourself to others, it’s completely normal to feel inadequate or insufficient. Growing up, there was always another kid that would perform better in class, played sports better, or was generally loved by everyone. Feelings of jealousy and inferiority would naturally be experienced in these cases. Even as an adult, these feelings can […]

How To Stop Being Passive Aggressive: The Complete Guide

Anyone that has ever been in a relationship has probably experienced some version of passive-aggressive behavior. You notice that your partner is upset and seems angry, but when you ask them what’s wrong, their repeated and empathic response is “Nothing, I’m fine.”  While you are doubting this answer and thinking of something to say, they […]

How To Stop a Panic Attack: Concrete Steps

Suffering from panic attacks can be extremely difficult to deal with. They will typically come on suddenly with little to no warning and bring on escalating feelings of dread, terror, and anxiety. There may be physical symptoms involved, too, such as shaking, increased heart rate, and chest pain.  Even though these panic attacks are not […]

How To Make Friends As an Adult

Creating new friendships as an adult can be very challenging. By the time someone reaches adulthood, they are often fairly stuck in their ways with set routines, beliefs, and other friendships, and it’s difficult for them to deviate from them. What may be most important is a general lack of opportunities. During childhood, you would […]

Avoidant Attachment: A Guide to Attachment Theory

What is Attachment Theory In our close relationships, we all have different ways of relating to other people. Attachment theory is a way of categorizing the way we form close bonds with each other. Avoidant attachment is just one style, and it’s not an easy one. For romantic relationships, attachment theory also provides a framework […]

Complex PTSD: A Starting Guide

Experiencing a trauma – like a car accident, a robbery or being sexually violated – can have a devastating impact on your health and wellbeing. Those who are seriously affected by a single traumatic incident may end up with a diagnosis of simple PTSD. But what happens if you’ve experienced multiple and repeated traumas instead […]

What is a Sex Therapist and How Can They Help You?

Sex therapy is a kind of psychotherapy, imparted by a specially trained sex therapist, which helps individuals or couples who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their sexual lives. It is based on the premise that sexual activity is a natural and important part of the human relationship and that it should be enjoyed by both parties. […]

What Can a Family Therapist Do For You?

Is your family facing big life transitions or psychological challenges? Therapy can help to restore the emotional well-being of your family if you’re going through a difficult time. Sessions with a family therapist play a role in uncovering unhelpful behavioral patterns and the treatment also promotes improved collaboration between family members. During these sessions, you’ll […]

Psilocybin Therapy: A New Possibility in the World of Mental Health

What if we were to tell you that psilocybin, the active ingredient in an illegal drug called magic mushrooms, could be used to treat psychiatric disorders? Research is showing that this magical chemical compound may help to rewire the brain. Clinical trials have shown that psilocybin assisted therapy can possibly improve mental health and reduce […]