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Alexander Draghici
About The Author Alexander Draghici

I'm a licensed Clinical Psychologist, CBT practitioner and co-founder at psycheguide.com. My work focuses mainly on strategies designed to help people manage and prevent two of the most common mental issues – anxiety and depression. When I’m not busy crafting content or working one-on-one with my clients, I enjoy going to the gym, practicing on my guitar, or playing airsoft. I've also been struggling with anxiety for most of my teenage years, but now I can proudly say that I've finally managed to regain control of my life.

Pediatric Psychology: Helping You Raise a Happy Child

Since the younger generation has always been a priority for society, numerous medical fields address children’s health. Among the most important and lucrative ones is pediatric psychology. So, how do pediatric psychologists help children and adolescents who struggle with mental health problems? Pediatric Psychology Pediatric psychology is a broad field of study and practice that […]

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Teen Depression: How To Get Professional Help

Over the last decades, teen depression has become a hot topic for many researchers and healthcare professionals. More than 322 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Some experts believe that early intervention strategies can prevent this problem from causing more suffering than it already does. But tackling teen depression can be a bit tricky, considering […]

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